Thursday, 9 May 2013

Life works in mysterious ways

Iš mūsų pokalbio Gilgamesh restorane. 

L: Tell me one sentence explaining life.
G: Hm... I don't know. Life works in mysterious ways.
L: My sentence is - you get what you give.
G: I am not entirely sure I agree with that.
L: You are a scientist, surely you have to acknowledge cause and effect.
G: I do acknowledge... However effect is not proportional to the cause in most cases.
L: I have not specified it has to be proportional. Sometimes you get more, sometimes less, sometimes not even from the person you are giving to. But it always comes back to you. 
G: Hm... Interesting... Still your theory does not explain why female frogs in African desert can change the gender and become male. While mine 'life works in mysterious ways' does!

Tada priėjo brazilė-japonė padavėja ir paklausė ar norim dar vyno... 


  1. Smagus pokalbis.

    Galbūt netgi ir varles paaiškina. Varlė "duoda", o tada pavirsta varlinu ir "gauna".

    1. Cha cha... Na taip greit neismasciau tokio atsakymo... :)